Taurus Recycling Solutions UK Ltd is the sister company of Taurus Trading International Ltd

Taurus Recycling Services speacialise in special order shipments of products such as Tyre Wire and bead wire from shredding plants for further recycling.

We also supply tyres from tyre manufacturers that have been rejected or unfinished due to various faults, these tyres are ideal for shredding plants and further recycling.


Non Compliant Tyres

Taurus Recycling Services supply Non Compliant Tyres which have been rejected by

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Scrap Tyre Bead Wire

TRS supply tyre bead wire which is removed from scrap tyres prior to shredding them.  Tyre bead wire is extremely clean 

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Tyre Shred

TRS supply various sizes of tyre shred ranging from 150/300mm, 150mm, 75mm, 50mm, and 20mm 99% wire free tyres chips

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Taurus Recycling Services UK work with two main types of clients.  Firstly, waste collecters / producers all over the UK and EU brokering their waste and providing all logistical and documentational services. 

Secondly we work with tyre recycling plants, cement factories, tarmac factories and various other processors to achieve the most cost effective procurement of materials to effectivel run their plants.

If you require our disposal or procurment services please contact us for further information.